19 February 2009

Together with a number of companies, Halsnæs Kommune, Metal Nordsjælland, UU-Center Midt Nordsjælland, Erhvervsskolen Nordsjælland og TEC (Teknisk Erhvervsskolecenter), Nordisk Staal A/S has taken the initiative in establishing the metal worker education in Frederiksværk which was made public on today’s press meeting at Nordisk Staal A/S.

The education will psysically take place in Frederiksværk at Nordisk Staal A/S as much as possible.

01From the left: Allan Thomsen, Metal, Jan Sørensen, Nordisk Staal A/S, Helge Friis, borgmester Halsnæs kommune, Gert Ottesen, TEC, Erwin Steinbeck, JF Stål ApS, Lars R Kristensen, Nordsjællands Erhvervsskole, Alessia Giordano, Duferco Danish Steel A/S, Per Lynge, UU-Center Midt Nordsjælland, Igor Sarkits, DanSteel A/S og Svetlana Balagul, DanSteel A/S

In cooperation on the project, the participants are :

Erhvervsskolen Nordsjælland

TEC (Teknisk ErhvervsskoleCenter)

UU Center Midt Nordsjælland

Halsnæs Kommune

Metal Nordsjælland

DanSteel A/S

Duferco Danish Steel A/S

JF Stål ApS

Frederiksværk Stål ApS


Per Mortensens Maskin fabrik A/S

JJ Metal A/S

Nordisk Staal A/S


24 September 2008.

Jesper Themsen´s silvers jubilee.

24 September 2008, Nordisk Staal A/S held a reception for our Production Manager, Jesper Themsen, in honour of his silver jubilee.


Many stopped by to congratulate Jesper, who here is seen enjoying a few of his presents.


30 June 2008

Nordisk Staal A/S delivers elephants to the ZOO in Copenhagen.

Nordisk Staal A/S manufactured 3 steel elephants which are placed in the elephant house.


Here pictures of the difficult transport of the three large “animals” are displayed.

28 December  2007 :

Nordisk Staal A/S receives a large order from DanSteel A/S on lengthening their production hall.

14 June 2007 :

The Danish royal couple are coming to Frederiksværk and in connection to this the industry museum, Frederiks Værk, publishes the book: Two cities meet, a special copy with foreword written by Frederiksværk´s mayour is presented to Her Majesty Queen Margrethe.

Nordisk Staal A/S supports the publication and in the book there are several wonderful pictures of Nordisk Staal A/S.

1 August 2006 :

Together with Themsen Transport A/S, Nordisk Staal A/S has bought an industrial site in Hillerød where we will build a 2000m2 hall which will be shared by the two companies. Nordisk Staal A/S will use its part for the production of goods made from stainless steel and as a “base”for our service trucks for our custormers in Copenhagen.

20 July 2006 :

Nordisk Staal A/S has bought a lorry with a 90 tons meter crane and we are now able to do even greater lifting jobs.


21 juni 2006:

The footbridge over the canal in Frederiksværk


The almost finished footbridge is being lifted in its place above the canal in Frederiksværk. Here pictures.

Under Konstruktion

17 marts 2006:

Nordisk Staal receives an order of another bridge, this time a steel footbridge from the community of Frederiksværk.

8 marts 2006:

Nordisk Staal employs workers further and is looking for more smiths because of more orders coming in from among others Unimedical A/S, Haldor Topsøe A/S, Nexans Norway and then some.

24 november 2005 :


From the left Jan Sørensen, Nordisk Staal, Brian Christensen, Nordisk Staal, Kjeld H. Petersen, DI the Capital and Jesper Themsen, Nordisk Staal.

Nordisk Staal receives Danish Industry´s regional initiativ award for the year 2005 from DI the Capital.

The board of DI the Capital honours Nordisk Staal for :

The present owners´initiative by the takeover of the business.

The company´s global activities.

The company´s effort on the environment field.

The firm´s visible work in the region of the sound.

Nordisk Staal is also nominated for Danish Industry´s national award, which will be distributed 9. February 2006.

14 november 2005 :

Nordisk Staal receives another order from the Norwegian Nexans, and through this it strengthens its position on the export market.

5 september 2005 :

Nordisk Staal fulfils another export order Filcon A/S that is three filters for Sweden.

25 august 2005 :

The Factories Inspectorate classifies Nordisk Staal as a level 1 business enterprise.