Metal powder for 3D printing will help the industry recycle metal parts


Danish companies are at the forefront of new technology of high-quality metal powder that can be included in companies’ circular economy. In industries where metal tools are used and manufactured, the challenge is, among other things, to be able to recycle worn-out metal parts. By transforming them into metal powder via Nordisk Staal A/S ‘unique production method, they can be recycled as material for 3D printing.

With Innovation Fund Denmark’s program Grand Solution, Nordisk Staal A/S is now starting production of metal powder in the DECOR project. This is done in a solid collaboration between DTU, LEGO SYSTEM A/S and with a large international industrial giant as an associated partner. The goal is the development of metal powder for Additive Manufacturing – a series of manufacturing technologies where you build items up layer upon layer, such as 3D printing.

The Nordisk Staal Group in Frederiksværk has previously manufactured so-called steel ingots via a spray-forming technique. The overspray metal powder formed during this production has now proved to be of a very high quality, which is particularly suitable for 3D printing of, for example, tools and machine parts.


The DECOR project will ensure future production and further development of unique powder types for large production companies such as LEGO SYSTEM A/S.


The metal powder production, together with the production of steel ingots, will be a circular economic model for, among others, Danish and European companies. They will be able to hand over their used machine parts to Nordisk Staal A/S, and have the many kilos of scraped steel returned for recycling in the company’s production in the form of new steel ingots for machinery and metal powder.


– Nordisk Staals metal powder has proven to be of an unique quality, so there is a good chance for Nordisk Staal to join the super league of metal powder manufacturers all over the world. We have high expectations that in the project, we will together succeed in developing the metal powder of the future for 3D printing, says Senior Researcher David Bue Pedersen, DTU


– It will be an incredibly exciting collaboration with the leading specialists and consumers in the 3D printing market. There are great opportunities to – together with a solid partner – to establish a production in Frederiksværk with steel ingots and metal powders, that can be used within a lot of production methods in Additive Manufacturing, and which can be exported to the whole world for the benefit of Denmark, both in terms of new jobs and export revenues, says Jan Sørensen, CEO of Nordisk Staal A/S



The Innovation Fund Denmark, Jakob Dahl Wedel, 6190 5031

DTU, David Bue Pedersen, 3023 8484

Nordisk Staal A/S, Jan Sørensen, 2486 8190