The Mechanical Workshop

In our mechanical workshop, we can work with large units as well as small.

Our machine shop has a great capacity and can manage very large objects. We work with lathe-type devices, planes, work tables, milling machines, drill- and mill shops and especially built machines, as our broadband welding machine/powder welder, where we are able to do weld-on from wearing surface on rollers, wheels, and rolls up to 60 mm.

Added to this, we have expertise in making special units in a small number – often only one single unit, which might be mounted in a product, which our other production departments have manufactured.

Our engineering workers also work “in the field” and have i.a. performed work in Ireland, Sweden and Norway.

Along with our montage department, the machine department also does dismantling and following montage of machines in for instance the medical industry.


Engineering Department

Our engineering department employs engineers as well as technical assistants / constructors.

The engineering department welcomes anything from ideas, sketches, and architectural drawings to finished production drawings and hereafter ” brings the product to life” by workshop drawings, detail drawings and documentation for the use of quality assurance.

Production and Montage

In our production- and montage halls, greater and often advanced steel contructions are constructed, among other things filters, ovens, large machine units and heat exchangers, panels and bridge units.


Auto, and Hydraulic Workshop

Our hydraulic workshop produces, repair and maintain hydraulic control systems, hydraulic on lorries, cranes and so on.


Crane Department

The crane department manufactures cranes, crane tracks and does repairs and maintenance of our own and outside cranes.