Unique metal powder for Additive Manufacturing

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Nordisk Staals metal powder is now ready for delivery.

In continuation of a number of tests carried out at Technical University of Denmark, DTU and Force Technology, we can now offer metal powder for e.g. 3D print.

Within a very short time, our new website will be online, it will be possible to order test powder, buy powder, download data sheets etc from the website.

Our new production of metal powder and tool steel will in future be branded under the name of Nordic Metals.

We can now supply metal powder in a unique quality. With our metal powder, Nordic Metals places itself in the absolute top class of manufacturers worldwide.

The powder is manufactured in a special Spray Forming process method, the entire production process is patented in collaboration with DTU.

As the only manufacturer on the global market, Nordic Metals can offer the combination product metal powder and steel from our Spray Formed produced steel ingots. Both products, which are often used together for e.g. complicated molds or tools in the productions. Nordic Metals can offer this materiel from the 100% same production run, which makes the item much more durable and stronger than if the items are composed of products from 2 different suppliers.

For more than 2 years, Nordic Metals has tested the metal powder in various additive manufacturing processes, such as laser cladding and 3D printing.

DTU has also tested the metal powder in interaction with other metal powders. Our Stainless steel metal powder 440C has been tested together with other alloys, e.g. SS316 and has shown fantastic abilities.

laser cladding 1

MADE Demonstration project

Nordic Metals has all so completed a MADE Demonstration project together with Force Technology and DTU.

A number of tests were carried out with our Stainless steel 440C metal powder, e.g. in laser cladding on both Spray Form molded 440C stainless steel from the same production as the powder, as well as on other suppliers’ alloys.

The tests showed that the powder is ideal for applying to other surfaces, as well as making the surface stronger.

Nordic Metal’s Spray Formed produced steel ingots is 3-5 times stronger than conventional produced steel, but when printing the metal powder, it turned out that the material is subsequently even stronger.

The demonstration project inspired MADE to write an article telling the whole story of the unique abilities of the metal powder from Nordic Metals

Read the article here (only in Danish)